“It is through powerful conversations
that we each play a part in changing our corner of the world.”
—The Colloquium Group

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The latin meaning of the word Colloquium is to come together, to talk.

We dance with complexity. We use effective dialogue to help adventurous leaders sail into uncharted waters. Through our research we develop tools for change, providing C-Suite leaders and boards with a compass for effectively leading into the future.

our Advocates

Our external governance review by The Colloquium Group helped us reshape our thinking, leading to a new strategic approach to our business. The experience was thorough and insightful. We were stuck, but now we can now see a clear way forward.

The Colloquium Group used their vitalis* engagement review to provide great insight into our culture and spirit as an organisation. As a result we have improved the quality of team interactions and our performance conversations.

The external risk review conducted by The Colloquium Group led to us having the conversations we had avoided. Through scenario planning we became much more realistic, and as a result radically improved our approach to effective risk management.

The team at The Colloquium Group helped us work through our various opposing views to come up with a unified and energising strategy. Previously, we were floundering. Now we can now see a fruitful future ahead.

Our time with Murray Bingham was transformative. He is such a tremendous facilitator. He seemed to suck the anxiety and conflict out of the room and enabled us to move forward with calm confidence.

My coach from The Colloquium Group allowed me to reach my goal as a leader. I overcame my professional and personal barriers which provided me with freedom and energy to succeed in my new role.

the Work We Do

The Colloquium Group is a specialist consulting firm bringing depth in psychology, research, dialogue and change management.

We help adventurous leaders sail through uncharted waters — navigating complexity with safe dialogue. Through our multi-disciplinary research we develop tools for change, providing C-Suite leaders and boards with a compass for leading authentically into the future.

We are found working in retail, finance, government, education, aged care, technology, hospitality, and not-for-profit organisations.

We help individuals unlock their untapped greatness to thrive in their professional and personal lives


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