Let’s just embrace it:
Work should be fun!

Our research has found (and it’s not rocket science) that an enjoyable workplace is a more productive workplace. Let us tell you our story…

The Colloquium Group was born when three friends met over coffee in 2012 to discuss the possibility of a new life adventure. All employed in grown up jobs, Murray Bingham, Stephen Smith and Stephen Healey had a desire to take on a big challenge, doing something different, to make a difference in the lives of people they encounter.

This group of caffeine filled co-conspirators, armed with a napkin and marker pen, drew up the rules of their new venture:

Principle 1: We want to bring out the best in people

Principle 2: We want to make a real difference in the world

Principle 3: We want to make pretty good money

Principle 4: We want to have fun while we’re doing it

Visitors to our office may see this napkin rather reverently preserved like a historic relic. It’s important to us because it represents where we started our journey. For almost ten years these principles have remained the driving force for who we are, what we do, and how we do it. It reminds us of our deep human need for meaning, service, purpose and joy!

As we have opportunities for new work we say yes or no based on these criteria. We don’t take on projects just because of the money. If it doesn’t help people, make a difference, and bring laughter — we aren’t interested. That means we’re not as rich as some, but we are certainly more blessed!

So why not join us in our commitment and make work fun whenever we can? It will lift your spirits and produce much better results!

Dr Stephen Smith