Executive Coaching

A year of professional coaching that will change your life.

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Executive Coaching will help you to develop and succeed so you can lead powerfully and authentically.

Through a year of Executive Coaching you will

  • Align to your values as opposed to… feeling the discomfort of compromising them
  • Pursue big goals as opposed to… hoping things turn out
  • Rise to complex challenges with clarity as opposed to… trying to endlessly figure out what to do
  • Overcome your personal roadblocks as opposed to… living with mediocrity
  • Strengthen your relationships as opposed to… letting them deteriorate
  • Grow a thriving team as opposed to… leading a team of individuals
  • Discover your purpose as opposed to… being pulled in multiple directions
  • Increase your capacity to perform at your best as opposed to… slowly burning out

Your secret weapon for success

Our Executive Coaching program is designed for…

Executives who are succeeding yet know they need something more to meet the complex business and personal challenges before them.

If you’re noticing that you or your executive team, while performing well, are tiring more easily, lacking enthusiasm, making mistakes, pretending they’re OK, or pushing themselves and/or others too hard, an executive coach can make all the difference.

A coach is a confidant, an encourager, and a developer. They care, and they are skillful.

A coach knows how to work with executives and teams to move from effectiveness to greatness, from languishing to thriving, from outward success to inner success, even when things are going well or when they seem to be derailing.

Evidence-based and relational

Our coaches know how to coach, they understand what’s at stake, and they get people and their personalities.

They aren’t advice-givers; they are empowerers.

Coaching sessions are an hour, frequent, collaborative, enjoyable and impactful.

Burnout is not a requirement

Executives carry enormous responsibility and burden; organisations and markets are rapidly changing. The right coach enables executives to adapt, lead, collaborate, grow and perform in these environments without burning out!

Ready to take back control?

To learn more or to organise an introductory no-cost coaching session, contact Murray Bingham using the form below, or by emailing murray@colloquiumgroup.com

Our Experienced Qualified Coaches

Anna Reznik

Anna Reznik

Executive Coach

Anna’s brilliance is in coaching psychology and group facilitation with specialities in complexity, resilience and transition.

“I wanted to be stretched and developed through coaching; Anna delivered.”

James, L&D executive, NFP

Murray Bingham, Founding Partner, The Colloquium Group

Murray Bingham

Managing Partner and Lead Coach

The coach that coaches turn to. With decades of experience, Murray now coaches an exclusive number of executives per year to pursue big goals and life-transformation.

“Murray changed my life.”

Jacob, CEO in the eCommerce Industry

Carol Salvadori, Business and Leadership Coach and Facilitator

Carol Salvadori

Business and Leadership Coach/Facilitator

Carol develops people. Whether she is working with individuals or small groups, the result is often the same for her clients: new skills, new insights, renewed vigour and changed behaviour.