Offsite Experiences

Because people matter… we thrive in creating offsite learning experiences that engage curiosity, discovery, mystery and intrigue in our participants. Great for strategic planning, team building, problem solving, communications (or conflict) challenges, or any other pressing development need.

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We create exceptional learning experiences

We help teams draw closer together and embrace new knowledge to achieve measurable outcomes aligned to the needs of the business. We inspire change. We enable transformation. We love what we do.

We create a safe space for outstanding learning

When a team goes off-site the expectations are high: this had better be worth my time.

The Colloquium Group are leaders in the theory and application of cutting edge adult learning practices. Our consultant team has, and continues, to publish original academic research on learning engagement that attracts global interest. In this way, solid theory informs all that we do to create a highly engaging experience to achieve significant business objectives.

We are artists: We create bespoke learning experiences that engage the heart, mind and soul.

We are architects: We develop innovative learning solutions that resonate with complex business challenges.

We immerse people in real world stories that provide opportunities for workplace learning.

We lower anxiety, creating a safe, respectful and fun environment for difficult team discussions and personal learning.

We inspire discovery by encouraging teams to make choices and experience alternative consequences – designing a preferred future.

We encourage reflection so the individuals and teams continuously learn, developing their own best practice solutions.

We seed hope as teams are able to manage uncertainty and find a clear way forward that is effective, sustainable and profitable.


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  • Banking
  • Education
  • ICT
  • Building
  • Retail
  • Government