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We have over two decades of experience using rigorous, cutting-edge research as the basis for improving workplace practices.

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We create knowledge for action.

Our research lives in the real world. It is useful — designed to help organisations and society capture the means to improve the way we work and live. We help organisations examine staff feedback, cultural tone, market interest, community consultation, employee engagement, personal ethics and values at work.

Human dynamics are inherently messy and complex. We use our own complexity framework through which we can collect data and test assumptions. We use research dialogue to see the whole picture rather than merely the parts. We see connections rather than distinctions. We inquire into assumptions rather than simply defending them. We learn through curiosity, creating shared meanings, rather than imposing one meaning as the forced basis for understanding.

Through research dialogue we seek to create mutual understanding and evidence-based learning that leads to practical solutions. We then apply this new knowledge in three ways:

  • reporting and/or publishing findings to encourage meaningful dialogue and collaboration and recommend improvement in policy, advocacy, workforce practice, public education and/or community dialogue.
  • embedding new learning into organisational attitudes, behaviours, policy and professional practice.
  • designing and delivering tailored training to develop the kinds of leaders needed to change their organisation and society.

As a result, a lot of organisational research often fails to reflect on-the-ground realities. However, we use a mature approach that ensures careful understanding of the client’s context and nuance. We capture subtlety and flavour. Sights and smells. We ensure that our studies are useful and influential. We help embed new learning into everyday practices. We have impact.

Our previous research work includes projects in: health promotion, knowledge management, workplace learning, workplace culture and engagement, higher education, ageing and dementia, volunteerism, organisational vitality, corporate governance, professional standards, and leadership.

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Embracing Life and Gathering Wisdom- Theological, Pastoral and Clinical Insights into Human Flourishing at the End of life

To see our latest research project as part of our Aged Care Futures Initiative check out “Embracing Life and Gathering Wisdom” available at

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