Specialised Workshops

The workplace seems more complex, hurried, and stressful. But people can be resilient, communicative, positive and solution focused when they feel they are valued, recognised, respected and doing something that matters. Our Professional programs bring out the best in your people – because people matter to the success of your business.

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Creating Learning Hothouses

Peter Drucker, noted management guru, once said that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” We know that strategic, structural and technical solutions fail when the human element is not cherished and engaged. Our professional development programs help build the kind of culture every business needs for success – because people matter.

We tailor immersive learning experiences

At The Colloquium Group we design and deliver professional development experiences to key personnel through workshops, meeting facilitation, keynotes, and online resources.

We assess the current situation and design learning and development programs tailored to the needs of the desired group outcomes.

Our workshops are interactive, humourous, engaging and full of conversation and activities. In this kind of environment, learning takes place for each participant in ways that are immediately applicable to their setting, increasing their effectiveness. We tailor workshop content to meet the needs of each organisation.

Our most popular learning experiences are:

Improving relationships through the art of mastering powerful conversations


Creating a Conflict Free Zone – when there’s conflict at work emotions rise and productivity declines. How can we learn to resolve conflict and ensure a peaceful, safe workplace.

Powerful Conversations – conversation is THE lubricant of every good organisation. Learn the skills required to listen effectively and communicate powerfully with others.

Improving productivity through the art of becoming an unhurried leader


The Unhurried Leader – leaders can drown in everything to be done. Learning to slow up, think carefully, and focus enables us to be wiser and discover more time the strategic thinking.

Managing Smarter – managing ourselves effectively helps us to manage others MORE effectively. The result: more sanity, and better business outcomes.

Improving business outcomes through the development of high performance teams


High Performance Teams – inspiring peak performance enables high team achievement but must be fuelled by a focus on sustainable engagement and balanced work-life balance.

EverSharper – even a high performing team can sharpen skills, improve communication, and develop emerging leaders – to produce even better business outcomes.

Improving leadership prowess through the art of insightful self-awareness


CompassPoint – this is a one day session to help you discover your purpose in life and next steps at times when great discernment is needed. for big decisions.

Icarus: Personality Under Stress – when pressure builds our personality styles can shift from professional strengths – to real problems that damage our influence and communication.

Enabling technical experts to transform into effective people leaders


FocusChange: from Tasks to People – those with great technical expertise are usually promoted, but now they must learn new skills – how to be a great people manager!

Leader as Coach – top down, command-and-control leadership has proved to oppress and demean rather than get results. Great leaders coach their teams for real results!

Improving executive governance through the development of character-based leadership


Ingenium: Character-Based Board Governance – Character-Based Board Governance – today boards need the right mix of qualities to govern effectively beyond mere oversight, to values-based insight.

When Authority Becomes Bullying – poor leaders exploit the power of their position. How do I ensure I am a strong leader and not a demanding, abusive bully?

Our professional development experiences deliver value to each participant and to the organisation. Benefits include increased engagement in the workplace, greater leadership skills and conversational skills that lead to a better workplace culture, increased productivity and innovation.


  • Powerful Conversations
  • The Unhurried Leader
  • Building High Performance Teams
  • Developing Insightful Self-awareness
  • Becoming Effective People Leaders
  • Character-Based Board Governance

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