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Sharpening Teams

My team needs help! — but is it really my team — or is it me?

After a global pandemic it feels like leading teams has never been more complex. Aspiring leaders are often confused about their role: Do I exist to bring out the best in my team? Or does my team exist to meet my goals?

Experienced leaders are left exhausted managing the web of relationships, performance issues, and communication styles of a diverse team.

That’s why we developed Sharpening Teams—a toolbox of powerful leadership models made accessible through the eyes of Pamela, an executive leader facing a complex set of organisational challenges.

Take the journey with Pamela as she adapts her leadership style, enabling her team to learn new ways of thinking, problem solving, collaborating, and developing trust through openness and vulnerability.

Whether you perceive your team as already sharp, completely dull, or somewhere in-between, this book is designed to challenge and equip you to become the most effective team leader you can be.

Learn about the tools

Photo of Man Sitting in Front of People

Tool: Moving from shallow to deep

Going somewhere important? It’s time to deepen team relationships.

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Tool: Knowing your audience

Making a presentation? Knowing what your audience needs.

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Tool: Fostering a trusting team

Telling the truth helps build a trusting team

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More tools coming each month!

Fast track the sharpening of your team

Do you want to:

  • Dive deeper into the tools?
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Our ‘Sharpening Teams’ workshops are tailor made 1-day experiences where we explore one of the tools in-depth.

This will be perfect to do together as a team or with other leaders who share the same challenges you face in leading teams.

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One-on-one coaching will help you work through your unique challenges in a way that will accelerate your leadership development, leading to a sharper team.

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