CIRCULARIS* | a different 360 review

Why are we so committed to the idea of a 360 review?

Sure, it seems like a good idea — we’re told the results are scientific, unbiased, fair. And, if humans were merely machines that might be true. But more often than not the 360 experience produces anxiety and an overly critical emphasis on faults and deficiencies.

There seem so many negative experiences associated with 360 reviews.

Often, companies forget that a 360 review is only a small part of an overall team development plan. Too many reviews are painfully delivered, causing anxiety and doubt, and then just filed away.

In the typical 360 review, opinions by one or two people are often treated as facts, and anonymity means there is no real opportunity for further information to qualify and explain the feedback received. So, a lack of expertise means that data is often misunderstood or brutally weaponised, rather than carefully used to support, challenge and build capability.

At The Colloquium Group we think getting feedback from those around us is a great idea. But we believe that qualitative, social research methods are much more helpful in professionally developing employees, than the usual quantitative, engineering-style, 360 methods that have become so popular.

Our approach is designed to help teams build trust together, and powerfully bring out the best in each other.

At The Colloquium Group we use a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods to review individuals. But then we put in the hard work and follow up with the right conversations to help the team go deeper, learn together, recognise challenges, and support each other.

CIRCULARIS* | a different 360 review

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CIRCULARIS* | a different 360 review