Tool: Moving from Shallow to Deep
Going somewhere important?—It’s time to deepen team relationships.

‘If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.’
— African Proverb

High-quality relationships are the lubricant that keeps a team communicating, collaborating and performing well. They also make work energising, rewarding and fun!

Sharp teams build and maintain high-quality relationships by investing time and energy in purposeful interactions. They also value the importance of their relationships and recognise that success hinges on their ability to perform effectively as a group. United around common goals, sharp teams navigate disagreements successfully and savour their achievements together. They truly understand that the group is greater than the sum of its parts.

Conversely, shallow teams are made up of poor-quality relationships and fail to recognise the importance of working together. They are more likely to work in isolation, they are prone to conflict, and they hesitate to ask for help.

Allowing team relationships to remain shallow often leads to negative consequences and may result in misunderstandings, poor coordination and defensiveness. Supporting the deepening of relationships between team members is critical yet challenging, especially now that working from home or managing remote teams is common. Innovation is required to ensure teams are deep enough to reach their potential.

Like a tree with deep roots,
a team with deep relationships
can stand firm through storms
and grow to great heights.

Sharpening Teams book cover

This is an excerpt from ‘Sharpening Teams’ by The Colloquium Group. To help you identify the nature of your relationships and determine where to invest further time and energy, download our tool below, ‘Moving from Shallow to Deep.’ If you want the full experience of our book, click here to find out how to purchase.