Executive Learning Circles by The Colloquium Group
Professional Development and Networking for HR Leaders

Human Resources leaders will enjoy the benefits of joining a 2021 Executive Learning Circle as they learn to:

  • build professional skills to succeed as a strategic leader
  • possess the gravitas of executive presence as a senior leader
  • invest in themselves to build professional strengths
  • overcome frustrations and develop positive strategies
  • lead with integrity as challenging ethical dilemmas arise
  • identify compassion fatigue and recharge for excellence

Developing Executive Presence: Building the Strength of HR Leaders

This Executive Circle helps HR Leaders who are frustrated with:

  • always being the one to fix the problems created by others
  • unrealistic expectations to solve messy problems
  • feeling you can never say “no”
  • being regarded as a police officer rather than a business leader
  • everyone else’s concerns becoming your problem
  • being under-resourced to provide services that other departments don’t want to deal with
  • working with narcissistic leaders
  • being emotionally exhausted by the weight of human responsibility

We create a dynamic environment where:

  • there is mutual support for you to be heard and thrive
  • you will be valued and understood
  • skills for resilience, moving from reactive to strategic action
  • learning to establish gravitas as a business leader
  • real workplace challenges are solved, using the cohort as a safe sounding board
  • you develop a new network of colleagues who ‘get me’

Each Learning Circle will consist of a cohort of 8 Human Resources Leaders.

We will gather together in person (Covid rules applying) at a location in the Norwest Business Area, 8 times during the year from 9am-4pm.

The morning will cover topics such as leading authentically, understanding organisational complexity, bringing out the best in self and others, developing executive presence, positivity when facing adversity.

Afternoons will involve solving real workplace problems that are occurring live amongst cohort members.

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Cost is $4,750 per attendee for one year (8 workshops).

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We help adventurous leaders sail through uncharted waters — navigating complexity with safe dialogue. Through our multi-disciplinary research we develop tools for change, providing C-Suite leaders and boards with a compass for leading authentically into the future.