External Reviews

If you want an honest opinion
it’s best to seek out a critical friend
with fresh eyes and ask them to tell you the truth.

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The Value of Fresh Eyes,
and a Researcher’s Perception

The Colloquium Group has a broad range of experience and qualifications that allow them to provide an external, holistic review of parts of the business.

Our team has degrees and professional experience in business, accountancy, psychology, counselling, law, engineering, social science research, and health care. 

We specialise in strategic reviews when a board or C-Suite leaders feel they might be stagnant or stuck. If these things are not addressed, the company will decline.

Honest, Values-Led External Reviews

At The Colloquium Group our external reviews are based on the following principles:

  • The review is an evidence-based process carried out by independent experts.
  • The process is transparent, and outputs are published.
  • The information provided by the company is assumed to be factually correct unless evidence points to the contrary.
  • The review is not designed to create a series of minor “gotcha” moments but rather to establish whether “substantial compliance” exists and assist the company to identify ways forward.

Experience Counts

We have conducted reviews in the following areas:

  • TEQSA Quality Compliance
  • ASQA Quality Compliance
  • ACNC Quality Compliance
  • Business viability and sustainability
  • Constitution and policy review as fit-for-purpose
  • Strategic Objectives and Design
  • Governance (Corps Act/ASIC/ACNC/GIA/AICD) Quality Compliance
  • Strategic Risk Review, Mitigation and Management
  • Risk Scenario Planning
  • Talent Management and Training and Development
  • People and Culture
  • Level of Staff Engagement (Cultural Health)
  • Team Dynamics – Toxicity, Stagnation, or Health

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