Executive Learning Circles by The Colloquium Group
The network where introverts won’t mind being in a group of people

Introverted leaders will enjoy the benefits of joining a 2021 Executive Learning Circle as they learn to:

  • lead authentically through introversion
  • be positive in challenging situations, and excel in an extroverted environment
  • voice challenging issues
  • appreciate organisational complexity
  • debunk myths about introverts and extroverts
  • bring out the best in self and others

Leading authentically through introversion.

This Executive Circle helps introverted leaders who are frustrated with:

  • thinking of the perfect response after the moment has passed you by
  • feeling unheard or dismissed when you contribute your ideas in a meeting
  • being talked over by those with inferior understanding and input
  • being thought of as unassertive

We create a safe group environment where:

  • there is mutual support for you to be heard and thrive
  • you will be valued and understood
  • you can develop your own leadership style that incorporates your introversion, does not get misunderstood by others, and contributes effectively to the organisation
  • real workplace challenges are solved, using the cohort as a safe sounding board
  • you develop a new network of colleagues who ‘get me’

Each Learning Circle will consist of a cohort of 8 people who consider themselves to be more introverted than extraverted.

We will gather together in person (Covid rules applying) at a location in the Norwest Business Area, 8 times during the year from 9am-4pm.

The morning will cover topics such as leading authentically through introversion, raising challenging issues, understanding organisational complexity, myths about introverts and extroverts, bringing out the best in self and others, positivity in challenging situations, and excelling in an extroverted environment.

Afternoons will involve solving real workplace problems that are occurring live amongst cohort members.

Without Effective Introverted Leaders Every Business will Fail.

Helping introverts to survive and thrive in the business will not only be inclusive but will ensure employee engagement, resilience, productivity and innovation.

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Cost is $4,750 per attendee for one year (8 workshops).

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